Who are we, and what do we do?

            Since 1977, MUSIC ANYONE? Inc. has provided a variety of show business services to clients ranging from Top 100 Corporations to major Canadian and U.S. Associations, for their conventions, conferences and annual events.

          MUSIC ANYONE? Inc.’s principal activity is supplying entertainment for special occasions. We regularly contract for bands, variety acts and background or dance combos for receptions and social evenings. However, we also take the high road for clients, having suggested, organized and finalized the bookings for such International stars as Andre-Philippe Gagnon, Wayne Newton, and The Nylons as well as the Glenn Miller and Spitfire Bands, to crown glittering corporate occasions.

          Don Facchini, founder and President of MUSIC ANYONE? Inc., says, “we do much more than provide talent.” For many clients, we mount productions from scratch: supplying professional lighting, sound, staging, special theme décor and technical support along with the contracted performers. Our mission statement is this: all we require from our client is the audience!

          Years of experience has put us on a ‘first name’ basis with a panoply of show business managers in Toronto, New York, Nashville and Los Angeles.  As a result we have first hand knowledge of the various Canadian and U.S. centres, local performers, technical support and venues. Which is a fancy way of saying MUSIC ANYONE? Inc. has been around too long to encounter much uncharted territory in show business. We take pride in two areas:  knowing the right industry people to deal with, and knowing how to please audiences.