Christine Bentley
Erin Davis  

Christine Bentley's remarkable career has given her a front row seat to the events shaping our nation and the world, making her a fascinating and engaging Speaker, Moderator or MC.

Christine Bentley has been telling our stories for thirty-five years. Her unique ability to connect with her audience has made her a leading news anchor in Canadaís largest television market.

Growing up the daughter of a diplomat in Europe during the turbulent sixties, the fluently bi-lingual Christine seemed predestined for a career in the news business.

Starting out in television in the early seventies, when women journalists were much rarer, Christine was immediately bitten hard by the news bug. She quickly moved from covering Toronto City Hall to Queen’s Park and then to the prestigious position of co-anchor of CTV News. With Ken Shaw, she anchored the evening news for more than two decades.

Welcomed into living rooms across Southern Ontario, Christine’s warmth, authenticity and insight into the issues that resonate with the viewers , garnered her a devoted audience of hundreds of thousands. Between on air shifts , this ratings leader was able to raise a daughter and twin boys while actively engaging and giving back to the community.

She herself will tell you that she doesn’t feel she ever worked a single day. But she will also say that while she loves what she does…being a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend are the roles which truly define her.

Why not let Christine bring the passion and experience that made her a TV news icon to your event.

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